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What is sustainable cotton?

Rakesh Rao- January 1, 2022

While there is no doubt that sustainable products come with cost, but over a period and life cycle of the products, the cost gets absorbed, ... Read More

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Welcomes Tesco as a New Member

admin- June 30, 2021

Leading UK retailer Tesco has become a Trust Protocol member as they work towards 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 Read More

Sustainability – Prime Focus for the US Cotton Industry

admin- January 20, 2021

There has been increasing interest in sustainability among brands and consumers globally. The US cotton industry has always had a sustainability-focused approach and has comprehensive ... Read More

US Trust Protocol welcomes its first 10 US mills

admin- December 26, 2020

The US Cotton Trust Protocol recently welcomed first 10 US cotton textile manufacturers – Buhler Quality Yarns, Cap Yarns, CCW, Contempora Fabrics, Cotswold Industries, Frontier ... Read More

Gap joins Trust Protocol & Textile Exhange’s Challenge

admin- December 18, 2020

Gap recently joined the US Cotton Trust Protocol and Textile Exchange’s 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge as part of its integrated sustainability strategy and to achieve ... Read More

GOTS registers highest growth rate ever in 2019

admin- June 17, 2020

In 2019, the number of GOTS-certified facilities globally grew by 35 per cent, from 5,760 to 7,765 located in 70 countries. Read More

TE’s 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge Report

admin- February 22, 2019

Textile Exchange has released its first annual 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge Report, which serves as a cornerstone for change in the apparel and textile industry Read More