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Tag: PET

GHCL launches Rekoop CertainT verified bedding products

admin- March 27, 2018

GHCL Limited, with a market cap of Rs 3,000 crore is a well-diversified group with foot prints in Chemicals, Textiles and Consumer Products segment. Read More

Applied DNA Sciences to launch recycled PET

admin- March 1, 2018

Fully source-verified, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET post-consumer) is the clear plastic best known for packaging bottled water, and is the most widely recycled plastic in ... Read More

Indorama Ventures to acquire Durafibre

admin- August 17, 2017

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a leading chemical producer, has entered into an agreement to acquire Durafibre Technologies México Operations, S. A. DE C. ... Read More

Application of Gneuss’ MRS Extruder extended

admin- October 1, 2015

Over the last few years, Gneuss´ MRS extruder has established itself as one of the key technologies for processing of engineering polymers without pre-drying. Although ... Read More

Sustainable textiles and their importance

admin- October 1, 2015

Sustainable textiles are textiles (or fabrics) that are grown and created in an environmentally friendly way, using minimal chemicals. Because chemicals are not used in ... Read More

PET market affected by PTA & MEG prices

admin- May 1, 2015

The global polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market will continue to be affected by upstream market volatility because of economic uncertainty. As PET pricing is partly driven ... Read More

Oerlikon forges ahead amid tough times

admin- December 1, 2014

Oerlikon generated a 15.6% EBITDA margin and sustained solid profitability even after absorbing the one-time integration costs and acquisition accounting effects from the Metco transaction. Read More