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Application of robotics in textile industry: A review of recent advances

admin- April 24, 2023

Prof N Gokarneshan suggests, the sooner we can introduce robotics and automation in any textile and apparel industry, we can seek thousands of benefits. In  ... Read More

Rabatex expects to expand its global presence in ITME 2022

admin- October 28, 2022

Rabatex Group was incepted in the year 1962 and the company offers advanced computerised Sectional warping machines, Single end sample warping machines, Single end sizing ... Read More

Rabatex’s material handling equipment for weaving shed

admin- October 28, 2022

Textile mills consume significant manpower and time for transport activity. With new era of high-speed advanced productivity machinery, need of transport and shortage of labour ... Read More

Rucha Yantra offers easy, affordable material handling solutions

admin- July 25, 2022

In the textile industry, transporting material from one place to another is a tedious task mainly because the materials are bulky. Specialising in building Autonomous ... Read More

D Décor banks on automation to save space

Rakesh Rao- January 1, 2022

D'décor uses Automha solutions to optimise every available space and to improve the operations of storage and picking. D'décor is one of the leading brands ... Read More

Smart solutions: Redefining the future of manufacturing

admin- November 1, 2021

Post-Covid-19 phase, e-buying has substantially increased presenting a challenge of timely delivery. Digitalisation of warehouses is crucial for sustaining of business and to be afloat ... Read More

E-commerce drives automation in material handling

admin- August 1, 2021

The growth in e-commerce in the past year has forced textile makers to look for flexibility and faster turnaround time. This has led to a ... Read More