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India’s home textile giant envisioning exports rise

admin- September 25, 2023

Indo Count is a specialised end-to-end bedding provider that is solely focused on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences. Their passion and global vision have allowed them ... Read More

Discover the world of vibrant polyester

admin- May 9, 2023

In the context of the thin margin prevalent in the spinning industry, it is essential to keep the production process flexible and agile to minimise ... Read More

Achieving Balance: Harnessing the potential of man-made fibres and cotton

admin- January 19, 2023

To increase consumption of synthetic fibers, there needs to be an increase in production of synthetic fiber and filaments by increasing capacity for raw materials ... Read More

Prices to continue to soften across value chain on demand slowdown

admin- August 2, 2022

The domestic cotton prices may continue to fall over the short term. India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) has published the July 2022 edition of its ... Read More

Emerging trends & opportunities for Indian textile industry

admin- March 15, 2022

International buyers are keen to diversify their sourcing of textiles and apparel, chiefly to develop alternatives to China. India, being the second largest textile industry ... Read More

Price rise led by demand momentum may face temporary headwinds

admin- February 1, 2022

This report, by Ankita Shere, highlights the trends in the sub-segments of the textile sector such as including cotton, man-made fibres (MMF), yarns and fabric. ... Read More

Unlocking the potential of man-made fibres with ring spinning

admin- December 1, 2021

Fibre consumption is on the rise, and man-made fibres (MMF) play an important role in this. Blends containing various fibre materials are particularly popular and ... Read More