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Tirupur knitters eye $2-bn PPE opportunity

admin- April 28, 2020

South India’s cotton knitted garments capital, Tirupur, is struggling to step up production as demand for personal protective equipment such as masks and bodysuits has ... Read More

TT for protection against thermal hazards EN 407-2004

admin- April 3, 2020

Akshay Katyal and Dr Nandan Kumar have discussed and compared multiple variants of gloves (seamless and cut and sewn) made up of para-aramid and other ... Read More

Methods to control waste in multiplying process

admin- December 1, 2017

High-waste generation at cop winder would lead to loss of production, find NK Mahajan, RN Turukmane, DS Borse, RD Parsi and SK Dey. The Indian ... Read More