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Fuelling Innovations

admin- July 1, 2019

Of the total number of exhibitors at ITMA 2019, over half are from CEMATEX countries; the balance comprising companies from other parts of Europe, Asia, ... Read More

Groundwork done to woo more visitors from Asia: C. Beauduin

admin- June 1, 2019

ITMA, which will be held from June 20 to June 26, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain, is the trendsetting and the world’s largest international textile and ... Read More

ITMA speakers platform feature presentations by industry experts

admin- May 15, 2019

An exciting and diverse panel of industry experts has been invited to share future trends, rare insights and strategic solutions at the ITMA speakers platform. Read More

Manifold challenges ahead: Waldmann

admin- January 1, 2019

The challenges for the textile machinery industry are manifold with a view to 2019: The political and economic framework conditions have deteriorated, incoming orders in ... Read More