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Export curbs, huge toll on spunbond nonwoven: NWFI

admin- September 1, 2020

Lakhs of jobs at stake warns NWFI, demands restrictions on exports of Spunbond fabrics, 3 Ply and N95 masks scrapped. Read More

Natural colour cotton fabrics & made-ups

admin- October 1, 2015

Natural colour cottons are environmental friendly material. Among the four cultivated species of cotton, colour lint is reported in G.arboreum among diploid and in G.hirsutum ... Read More

Testing equipment & yarn splicing technology

admin- July 1, 2015

Mesdan is a renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers and testing equipment. The division manufacturing laboratory testing equipment, known as Mesdan-Lab, displayed its products in two ... Read More

Fading of denims by electrochemical method

admin- August 1, 2014

Denim products are one of the fast moving consumer durables and have become symbolic of a casual lifestyle in modern times. The global demand for ... Read More

Moisture management of knits from textured yarns

admin- August 1, 2014

Single jersey weft circular knitted fabrics manufactured from textured yarns of 260% bulk can have good moisture management and air-texturing of polyester yarns improves their ... Read More

3D fabrics: Performance depends on layers

admin- April 1, 2014

As the layer increases in a 3D orthogonal structure of 3D fabrics, its performance also increases, but the ratio of binder warp to separating warp ... Read More