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Savio Eco PulsarS scores at Falcon Yarns

admin- March 13, 2018

Falcon has appreciated the quality and cost-effectiveness of Savio automatic winders Eco PulsarS and has strongly recommended this model to other spinning mills. Falcon Yarns ... Read More

Truetzschler drawframes wow Southern Cot Spinners

admin- February 1, 2018

Southern Cot Spinners Coimbatore (P) Ltd is a respected name in the textile industry and is well known for its values and reliability in meeting ... Read More

A.T.E. & Savio organise customer days

admin- May 1, 2017

A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited and Savio India Limited organised Customer Day in Nagpur and Bhopal on April 5 and April 8 respectively, with a view ... Read More

Savio’s breakthrough innovations in winding segment

admin- November 1, 2016

The fifth edition of the combined show ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 exhibition bought together the world’s leading textile technology manufacturers. Savio exhibited breakthrough innovations in the ... Read More