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Tag: drafting system

Autoleveller calibration for drawframe

admin- September 1, 2019

Most of the drawframe autolevellers are open loop auto levellers. In open loop autolevellers, sensing is done at the feeding end and the correction is ... Read More

Sri Akkamma gets new twin drawframe from Truetzschler

admin- May 1, 2019

The Truetzschler breaker drawframe TD 9T shares a variety of technologically important elements with its trend-setting auto leveller drawframe, the TD 8. Read More

The Perfect Couple

admin- February 1, 2019

Rieter’s drawframes, RSB-D 26 and SB-D 26, offer a number of innovations resulting in lower production costs, better sliver quality and easier operation and maintenance. Read More

FT6E and FT7E: Marzoli?s leading-edge technology

admin- April 1, 2017

The FT6E and FT7E are driven by independent drives for the drafting system, flyers, spindles and the bobbin rail.Few machines in a modern spinning mill ... Read More