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TTU Professor’s invention FiberTect wipe is part of decontamination advancements by the US Army

admin- November 9, 2023

FiberTect, the patented invention of Dr Seshadri Ramkumar was introduced in 2008. In a groundbreaking partnership between the United States Army and First Line Technology, ... Read More

Prof Seshadri Ramkumar receives highest honour from Textile Association India

admin- March 8, 2023

Honorary membership is the organisation's highest honour and is awarded to people who have been significant contributors to expanding the nation's textile industry within the ... Read More

In absence of N95, multi-layered face masks offer protection against Omicron

admin- February 1, 2022

Texas Tech researchers author study using new standardized mask filtration testing to evaluate effectiveness of alternative facial coverings. As the Omicron variant surges, the Centers ... Read More