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ACC64 and ACC68 Cots boost lifetime

admin- August 26, 2023

Up to 50 per cent longer grinding intervals in compact spinning. Accotex demonstrates once again its leadership in the soft cot market with the launch ... Read More

Field tests confirm high performance of new Accotex aprons

admin- November 24, 2022

The new Accotex NO-79201 spinning apron provides improved performance for ring and compact-spinning with less machine downtime. The latest Accotex apron NO-79201 is made from ... Read More

LRT is the market leader in ring travellers business

admin- March 15, 2022

Lakshmi Ring Travellers (LRT) has been in the ring traveller business for over four decades. Today, LRT caters to more than 74% of the Indian ... Read More

The right model for everyone

admin- March 1, 2019

The G 37 and K 47 were developed for markets where there is not a shortage of available personnel and the requirements for flexibility and ... Read More

Industry should go for ways to minimise operating costs

admin- January 1, 2019

In the year 2018, textile industry has seen some improvements from the setbacks faced due to demonetisation and GST. Now each and every textile manufacturer, ... Read More

Suessen’s compact spinning system

admin- May 1, 2016

SUESSEN, a manufacturer of airjet, warp spinning and ring spinning equipment with facilities in Germany, Brazil, India, the Czech Republic and a subsidiary in the ... Read More

SUESSEN bags San Yang order

admin- May 1, 2015

San Yang Textile Co Ltd is a joint-stock cotton spinning and weaving company established in 2003. At present San Yang has 5,00,000 ring spindles installed ... Read More