Suzuki Rollers aims to become world’s top roller manufacturer

Suzuki Rollers aims to become world’s top roller manufacturer


Suzuki Rollers is targeting 60 per cent market share in the Indian top roller market by 2025

Suzuki Rollers is eyeing to dominate the global market with its high-quality top rollers for the textile industry.

Brief background about the company

Suzuki Sangyo Kaisha was established in 1955 by Kiichiro Suzuki. After an illustrious career at Toyoda Machinery, Suzuki saw an opportunity to set up a high-quality top roller manufacturing unit which led to the creation of Suzuki Sangyo. Within ten years, Suzuki Sangyo was a dominant player in the top roller market and firmly established itself as number one in both market share and quality in Japan. With an unmatched technical edge, over the next six decades Suzuki expanded into global markets establishing itself as the undisputed benchmark for top rollers.

In 2018, Ajai Bhandari, Director Operations at Inarco, first met with Shigeo Suzuki, current President of Suzuki Sangyo. After detailed discussions, despite the disruption due to Covid-19, Bhandari and Suzuki decided that the timing was right to shift manufacturing of Suzuki top rollers to India. This led to the creation of Suzuki Rollers in 2021.

Manufacturing infrastructure

The Suzuki Rollers factory is based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat and is a replica of Suzuki Sangyo’s factory in Toyohashi, Japan. All the CNC machines have been carefully picked by Suzuki, are best in class and were imported directly from Japan. Using state of the art CNC machines is a critical part of manufacturing high quality top rollers consistently. 

Products offered 

Launch of Suzuki Rollers by Shigeo Suzuki, alongside Ajai Bhandari and Suzuki Rollers sales & distributor team.

Suzuki Rollers currently offers 4 series of top rollers: SZ 200 series (draw frame), SZ 300 series (comber detaching), SZ 400 series (comber drawbox) and SZ 500 series (lap former). Within these series, Suzuki Rollers offers top rollers for all generations of machines.

Global presence

In the Indian market, Suzuki Rollers is targeting 60 per cent market share in top rollers by 2025. In the global market, Suzuki Rollers will focus first on gaining a leadership position in South Asian markets such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam and then target EMEA, USA and Latin American markets. 

Advantage and strengths

Suzuki top rollers offer various advantages such as:

1) Extraordinary service life: Superior design, precision fitment between top roller assembly and bearing slide and product consistency as per Japanese standards.

2) Smooth running behaviour: Consistent sliver quality, reduced frictional torque, zero vibration and low noise exposure.

3) Thermal stability: Superior heat dissipation, dimensional stability & low deformation and less lubrication requirement. 

4) Culture: While Suzuki Rollers is separate from Inarco, Inarco’s culture of excellence and non-negotiable focus on quality has permeated the culture of the Suzuki team. Suzuki Rollers has a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals who oversee manufacturing, R&D, quality control and sales of Suzuki top rollers.

5) Manufacturing: All the manufacturing steps for Suzuki Rollers are performed in-house on Suzuki’s state-of-the-art machinery. Most importantly, Shigeo Suzuki remains on board as Technical Advisor at Suzuki Rollers. Suzuki’s vast experience, technological prowess and strict adherence to Japanese quality standards will ensure that Suzuki top rollers always remain ahead of the rest.

6) Sales: Suzuki top rollers are sold and marketed by Inarco’s sales team and distributor network to ensure customers experience the same level of service they are used from Team Inarco.

Focus on sustainability

Suzuki Rollers is targeting 100 per cent sustainable packaging of top rollers by mid-2023.

Target for 2025

Succinctly, Suzuki Rollers has a clear-cut strategy to be the number one top roller manufacturer in terms of market share globally. 

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