Sudharshan unveils semi-automatic screen printer NexPrint 2228

Sudharshan unveils semi-automatic screen printer NexPrint 2228


This screen printer is a next generation screen printing machine with horizontal and angular frame lifting system, a novel concept introduced for the first time.

A new Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine, Model NexPrint 2228, has been unveiled by Sudharshan Machinery, a renowned designer and producer of high precision screen printing equipment in India. The NexPrint has several of user-friendly features and a maximum print area of 22×28 inches. The printer is targeted to printing firms involved in garment heat transfer stickers, labels, garment tag printing, spot UV on garment packaging, shopping bags (cotton, jute, non woven bag printing), etc.

The NexPrint is a machine with a ground-breaking innovation – horizontal-angular frame lifting system.  Normally, Clamshell or two post pillar type screen printing equipment makes up the majority of those on the market.  At the upcoming KnitShow in Tirupur (12-14 August 2022), Sudharshan Machinery will display NexPrint 2228 as well as its latest product NexPrint 1218.

Sundar Raman, the Managing Director of Sudharshan Machinery, outlines the main characteristics of their new screen printing machine: “Innovation has always been a forte of our company. So, the NexPrint 2228 is a next generation screen printing machine with horizontal and angular frame lifting system, a novel concept introduced for the first time. Our extensive R&D led to the creation of the machine, which was designed in accordance with market demands. There are many different types of semi-automatic screen printing machines on the market. According to the Make in India initiative, it was entirely created locally in India.” 

He adds further: “The NexPrint is a versatile and user-friendly screen printing device. Because there is no spillage, the horizontal and angular frame lifting system makes it simple to print with a variety of high fluid inks and UV varnishes.  Additionally, the machine is protected with safety system from all sides.  Additionally, because the machine is accessible from all sides, operators may work more productively because positioning the sheet and removing it after printing are simple.” 

The NexPrint is loaded with user-friendly features. It is a single phase, plug and play machine. It does not require a compressor (non-pneumatic type), yet capable of delivering high squeegee pressure. The NexPrint is heavy duty for rugged use; it has minimum running cost and low maintenance and has oil-free print head movement.

Other features include: It is easy to operate and has inbuilt bed vacuum. The machine can be run by using foot pedal or a push button. It can be run with Auto-mode/Semi auto mode/Pre-set mode option. It has a variable screen size for small and large print area. Max / Min thickness of substrate of 3 mm / 40 gsm can be printed on NexPrint.

On technical front, NexPrint has double guided print head linear movement system. It has multi stroke squeegee movement.  The NexPrint is fitted with 50/9 Standard squeegee mounting option. It has dry mode/wet mode for coating position; peel-off system for screen off-contact; sensor guided print area setting up; individual squeegee pressure for left and right position; individual coating leveller for left and right position; ioniser mounting in print head (optional); the NexPrint is fitted with stainless steel 304 grade bed surface and the bed movement with direct screw adjustment (no spring). It has +/- 20 micron registration system.

Moreover, electrical and electronics parts easily available in open market hence no dependency for parts. Also, the machine is designed and built on ‘more mechanical and less electronic concept’, hence machine can be used ruggedly (Offers better service life span). 

Lastly, the NexPrint has Cycle counter with resettable and permanent setting options; it has imported worm gear-box for print head drive and for screen lifting system. The machine has dial mounting option for bed movement.