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Ultimo: Individual spindle monitoring system

Oct 01, 2014
Ultimo: Individual spindle monitoring system

With the power monitoring feature in Ultimo, user can easily identify the ring frames consuming more power.

Ultimo is the most advanced individual spindle monitoring system for spinning. Decision for patrolling: With the help of unique single spindle light indication system, a ring frame operator can decide whether a patrolling is required or not for a ring frame side. Similarly, a maintenance foreman can easily identify the problem spindles like rogues and slips and can take corrective actions instantly without looking into the data in computer.

Prioritisation of patrolling paths: Using the machine display unit and light indications on spindles, operator can prioritise the machines based on breaks and can optimise the patrolling path effectively. By this way, stress level on operators can be reduced to a large extent. Also, efficiency loss due to breaks is reduced and thereby a significant increase in production is achieved.

Control your slip spindles: Slip spindles are identified and indicated in the single spindle light indication itself. User can set two levels for identifying slip spindles. A normal slip which will be usually about 3-5 per cent, which is due mostly due to a worn out tape or old spindle wharves. There are few spindles which are slipping due to the tapes running out of the spindle wharve or jockey pulleys. The slip levels in those spindles will be very high in a range of 10-20 per cent. The yarns from these spindles posses lower twist and weak in strength and elongation. These yarns create more breakages in further processing. Cops from these spindles can be even removed by the operator and thus producing poor quality yarn can be avoided. Ultimo indicates a simple green light indication for normally slipping spindles and if slip is abnormal and above the user defined limits, then the green and red light toggles in the spindle light indication alarming the user that the slip is abnormal.

Changing the work culture: Till date, without a spindle monitoring system the workers could not be able to recognise their skills in terms of work effectiveness. With the help of various tools like status boards, machine display units operator can tangibly estimate see their performances in terms of number of breaks in each Ring frame and end mending time. Even the working method of the operator itself can be changed effectively. An operator has to compulsorily patrol inside all the Ring frame sides if there is no spindle monitoring system available. Now they can decide whether to enter into a Ring frame side or not based on the individual spindle light indications and machine display unit information. An effective change and easiness in work culture will fetch direct benefits at the work place and also to the management.

Reduce the rogues: Practical experience shows that attending and correcting 5 per cent of rogue spindles reduces 30 per cent of breaks in a spinning mill. Rogue spindle identification by Ultimo helps the foreman to identify poorly performing spindles easily and hence they can attend the same immediately. A unique report shows repeated rogue spindles also with which the maintenance persons can prioritise on attending the rogue spindles.

Smart management: With smart technology tools like automated SMS, automated emails and smart phone applications mills can monitor the production of ring frames lively and can have an effective control over the same. There is no necessity to seek for information, everything is available on hands.

Working with targets: Keeping targets and working towards the same plays a vital role for achieving production in ring frames. Ultimo provides target deviation report which highlights the Ring fr