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Testrite shrinkage tester

Apr 01, 2016
Testrite shrinkage tester

Testrite is regarded as the world leader for yarn shrinkage testing equipment and has recently celebrated over 50 years in the industry. The testing equipment which are solely produced by Testrite include the now famous patent heat shrinkage testers. Testrite produce three shrinkage and force testing machines.

Testrite MK V shrinkage & force tester

Testrite Ltd’s digital yarn shrinkage tester is designed and based on the original T.S. AB idea to determine the shrinkage of tyre cord yarns at closely controlled temperatures. This digital shrinkage and force tester incorporates these ultra modern features. The company is now on the sixth version of this very successful tester which measures free shrinkage and shrinkage force.

International tyre manufacturers such as Bridgstone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear use this equipment. In Asia, demand has been particularly strong for Testrite’s digital MKV shrinkage and force tester such as Reliance, Garden, etc. MKV shrinkage machine measures the shrinkage of tyre cord yarns at closely controlled temperatures from 20°C to 250°C. In this model, the heater and hardware unit are remote from the separate control module for ease of service and repair. The control module features a 16 character alphanumerical display and 20 key touch pad to program test requirements. The load cell range now includes 25N, 100N or 200N capacity options. Shrinkage range include: -5 to +32.5 per cent. Built in miniature printer produces accurate graph of result. Its applications include tyre cord, industrial yarn, fishnets, nylon, FDY yarn and textured yarn.

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