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SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE spinning machine

Sep 01, 2017
SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE spinning machine

Supporting the spinners, the effects and patterns can be changed with the help of SKAAT machine.

SKAAT, a well-known Indian manufacturer of fancy yarn machinery, with 20 years of study about fashionable fancy yarn segment and patient listening to customers’ requirement and the expectations of the end-user in world market, resulted with the new launch of SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE.

Radhakrishnan, Managing Director of SKAAT, said, “Nowadays every spinner needs 100 per cent quality products with 24 x 7 service support at affordable price with zero additional costs.”

With the help of SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE, the spinner can attain plain yarn, slub yarn, mosaic pattern yarn, variable grindle yarn, tricolor yarn, single colour injection, double colour injection, yarn injection, twin safe yarn, here the machine delivers multiple applications with:

  • High speed spinning Can be adaptable and installed at any make of ringframe
  • Premium yarn quality with trouble-free performance
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • With enhanced guide, the company ensures smooth surface with low harness value where injection/slub/or mosaic pattern yarn can be produced under cost-effective way.


Spinners are positively interested in different effects in the yarn to satisfy the fancy expected personalities. In the last decade, there has been a drastic change in the social needs of an individual where clothing plays a major role in the industry.

Supporting the spinners, the effects and patterns can be changed with the help of SKAAT machine. Majority of the coloured yarns or effects in the yarns are produced by replacing the rovings with different colours where the count remains the same.

SKAAT always assure the quality in the effects of yarn, where the pattern (length, thickness, mass random) are fixed earlier with the help of 15-inch IPC to get the expected design. According to SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE, there may be huge number of possibilities of producing fancy yarns.

For example:

  • Continuous injected yarns
  • Continuous injected with slub yarn
  • Injection slub yarn
  • Discontinuous injected with slub yarn
  • Discontinuous injected with slub yarn (inject in pause length of base yarn)

SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE creel setup

Spinner has to be modify the creel setup to obtain the fancy effects. Modification formalities and extra setup will be explained by SKAAT.


To cover the entire market, SKAAT launched the new product – SKAAT NANO. Even small spindlage spinner can run the fancy yarn to create a value addition in the production at optimum cost. Here, SKAAT provides a personalised solution to motivate the spinner to the next level.

SKAAT NANO is launched to cover the huge market, especially to satisfy the classic wear. SKAAT NANO is an empirical model that has been developed to find the dependence of the properties of slub. There is a great demand of slub yarn in suiting, shirting and denim and home textiles with advanced technologies. Now it is possible to produce a different variant of slub yarns in controlled and reproducible manner.