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Saving energy in summer using humidity control high speed doors

May 01, 2019
Saving energy in summer using humidity control high speed doors

Rapid Roll-up Doors manufactured by Gandhi Automations (Prime Internal Door) are fast, durable and energy savers and are engineered for all kinds of industrial applications.

It is time to start thinking and planning for summer-time heat and some of the challenges that come along with it.

Creating cooler working environments with low humidity in specific areas of your building is simple and affordable with industrial curtain walls. These wall systems allow you to control temperatures and humidity levels in specific areas of your building without having to air condition entire areas for the same benefit. You can focus your energy revenues wisely to improve employee comfort, workflow or maintain product integrity.

High speed door loading dock enclosure

It’s important to take the time now to look at your facility and see if you have any areas where treated air meets non-treated air and decide if a high-speed door might be a solution to keep these environments separate during the summer. For instance, interior dock areas are nice when the weather is mild, but when your air-conditioned warehouse takes repeated gulps of hot air in the summer, your entire HVAC system works harder and your energy bill will be higher. High Speed Doors can close off these open areas and extend the range of your treated air space.

The same can be said for humidity control. Let’s say a specific process area requires more or less humidity that is crucial to the process itself, the process equipment or the finished product. Industrial curtain walls can be utilised to increase or lower humidity instead of traditional permanent walls so that when the process changes in the future, the area can be expanded easily to grow with the process.

Industrial high-speed door walls compactor enclosure

Lastly, the one place customers always forget about summertime energy loss is at the very back of the building where the cardboard is thrown into the compactor. In some facilities the door leading to the compactor is open several times an hour or many times in a shift. Again, the warm air is sucked into the building and has to be cooled off and it costs energy dollars to do that over and over. By enclosing the platform to the compactor or the dumpster, you can prevent the blast of summer heat from blowing into the building and save money. Simple but effective.

Rapid Roll up Doors manufactured by Gandhi Automations (Prime Internal Door) are fast, durable, energy saver and are engineered for all kind of industrial application. Rapid Doors (internal) are used where a section of the facilities has to be isolated from other section. This simple curtain design of door aids in quick opening and closure of Rapid Doors and ensure effective protection of the against heat, dust, humidity and temperature. Gandhi Rapid Door aids you in meeting your operation’s targets.

Industrial rapid door designed by us are self-supporting construction with anti-crash protect system, protects traction unit, enables rapid wiring and safety photocell. Rapid doors also has flexible curtain in self-extinguishing material, vertical seals made of friction-resistant semi-hard and PVC spring steel wind lock in curtain pocket ensure silent door travel, higher wind loads and curtain stability.

Save energy, decrease total operational costs, restructure traffic flow and improve logistics. The company has designed its rapid doors to be safe, dependable and maintenance-free, conferring to all international standards.

So, on the next walk around your building, size up the areas that need to be addressed for the summer heat and humidity control and ask if a Gandhi Automations Prime high-speed door is an easy solution for this.