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R 35 with FSI - Fast startup with 100% best piecing quality

Mar 01, 2015
R 35 with FSI - Fast startup with 100% best piecing quality

On a rotor spinning machine, all ends are down after a power failure. For the new semi-automated R 35 a new FSI (Fast Spinning-In) feature allows to start up a full length machine with high piecing quality in less than 15 minutes. Thanks to the unique AMIspin the individual piece-in is done with absolutely the same high piecing quality as after any other yarn break.

The new semi-automated rotor spinning machine R?35 with Fast Spinning-In assists precisely with the time-consuming part of searching for the yarn end. In case of power failure as well as for clearer cuts the yarn end is kept in visible reach of the operator. This is possible due to the fast new arm lift, which securely stops the package without damage to the surface.

Fast startup after power failure
In case of a power failure, the R 35 allows an extremely rapid method for mass piecing-in. It combines the yarn end detected and put within reach by FSI and the fast AMIspin piecing process. Already during the downtime, the operators can clean the rotor, prepare the yarn end and leave it near to the exit tube.

Once power is back, the operators just need to put the yarn over the AMIspin piecing magnet and insert the end into the exit tubes. They can do this with minimal handling, almost at walking pace, along the machine. After that the normal AMIspin process can be started for all spinning positions at once.

Startup with 100% AMIspinĀ® piecing quality
Thanks to this procedure with FSI two operators are able to start up the full machine R 35 of 460 positions in less than 15 minutes. All piecings can be checked with the yarn clearer so that also in this case all piecings are matching the standard quality parameters. With this full quality spinning-in procedure, power interruptions have no more influence on resulting quality of yarn and piecing.

Combination of FSI with known advantages of AMIspin and low machine height AMIspin semi-automated piecing reaches a high success rate. Together with low machine height it allows labor saving and is an advantage for daily operation. The optimised design of the spin box of the R 35 additionally supports the piecing process by a faster way to prepare the yarn end and a more easy entering of the yarn end to the exit tube.

Long-living solution
AMIspin and Fast Spinning-In belong to the basic equipment of the R 35 without additional cost. All functions are designed for the whole machine lifetime with minimum needs for additional maintenance.