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PTC presents premium quality products at ITMACH

Feb 01, 2015
PTC presents premium quality products at ITMACH

With an impressive appearance at ITMACH INDIA 2014, the four companies Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen exhibited their premium products to numerous visitors.

Bräcker presented in amazing animation the RAPID inserting tool for time and cost saving of traveller insertion and received great interest from numerous visitors. Of course the Benchmark TITAN spinning ring is well acknowledged for best performance ratio.

Graf, the leading manufacturer of card clothing and combing components displayed different clothing specifications. Visitors were impressed to have a close look of different products of card clothing presented through magnifier and screen. Additionally Graf displayed circular combs PRIMACOMB 9030 and COMB-PRO H15 as well as top combs along with range of metallic card clothings like Camel and Hipro as model, in respective showcases.
Novibra, the leader in spindle technology and the only 100 per cent in-house spindle maker presented their wide range of spindles. The new Novibra cutting crown CROCOdoff presented in innovative 3D animation got lot of attention during the exhibition. CROCOdoff enables perfect doffing without underwinding.

Suessen presented the new compact spinning system EliTe® Advanced with outstanding features for improved yarn quality parameters. Visitors were extremely interested in the possible savings in energy, consumables and maintenance provided by the new system.