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PreciFX: An innovation catches on

Aug 01, 2014
PreciFX: An innovation catches on

With 15,000 winding units installed, PreciFX is now the only tried and tested drumless yarn displacement system for bobbin processing that is established worldwide.

When the digital displacement technology PreciFX was unveiled at ITMA 2007 in Munich, it was regarded as a consummate technical and technological highlight. Only acknowledged technology experts had any inkling at the time of the broad potential of this revolutionary innovation. Working with selected customers, Schlafhorst developed a large number of new, more efficient package formats in the years following that are only possible with PreciFX. In 2011 the company commenced global marketing of the groundbreaking technology. PreciFX is now the only tried and tested drumless yarn displacement system for bobbin processing that is established worldwide, with 15,000 winding units installed. 

Perfect packages for any process - no need to tolerate compromise
PreciFX has overcome limits to which the industry had become accustomed. The mechanically fixed groove geometry, the familiar displacement and traverse width of drum winding and the random wind with its known limitations resulted in compromises that were accepted as a given for all package formats. With PreciFX, these problems are consigned to history. By the use of pattern-free random winding, precision winding or stepped precision winding, the system enables individual package designs to be produced without any compromise being required. Completely new package formats are possible, such as biconical hard packages or dye packages with round flanks - perfection at the touch of a button, flexibility without limits and significantly reduced hardware handling with one system.

Economic advantages for sales spinners and integrated textile companies
"The package is the decisive interface in the textile process between the spinning mill, dye shop, warping department, doubling mill and weaving mill," says Klaus Kamphausen, Schlafhorst technology manager. "The package build directly affects the productivity and efficiency of downstream process stages. PreciFX permits optimisation in every direction. Sales spinning mills can cover a much wider spectrum of orders on competitive terms. Vertically integrated companies can make their processes more efficient and optimise them."

The fact that PreciFX has become established in the market so quickly is due to the advantages offered by the system. These are the result of a close innovation partnership. Between 2007 and 2011, Schlafhorst optimised processes between the spinning mill and downstream processing in a targeted manner in collaboration with selected customers.

PreciFX winding recipes offer security - a competitive edge at the touch of a button "PreciFX incorporates all of our textile-technological know-how regarding the package," says Klaus Kamphausen. "Together with our customers we have developed and perfected package formats with PreciFX that lead to huge leaps in efficiency in downstream processing. These formats are saved in PreciFX as winding recipes that can be retrieved instantly." The efficiency advantage extends to the elimination of entire process steps, such as the edging of dye packages, for example. This is simply no longer necessary with PreciFX.

New dye packages customised for each method
The various methods of dyeing make entirely different demands on the package build. These can be highly individual depending on the dyeing process and system. This is where the flexibility of PreciFX can be shown to best advantage. The innovative yarn displacement system can coordinate the inner structure and the outer shape of the dye package optimally to the requirements of the dye shop.

A pattern-free package build guarantees the best dyeing results. The package density and the softness of the flanks<