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Lakshmi Caipos revolutionary invention in spinning

May 01, 2014
Lakshmi Caipos revolutionary invention in spinning

Injection slub is an invention in spinning in which a coloured fibre is injected in the plain yarn, which gives an attractive look to the fabric. Injection slubs is an innovative slub system for basic injection slub yarn at an economical price. Lakshmi Caipo is adding new value and design to the fancy world by introducing new products in this value chain. Lakshmi Caipo is the leader in the fancy yarn segments. In this segment, the company has introduced:

  • Dual slub
  • Injection slub
  • Vario Syro yarn

All the three can be done by a single attachment developed by Lakshmi Caipo. This allows the spinners to make infinite designs in the yarn stage itself and the premium will be huge. The customer who spins more than two materials or two coloured fibres in their mills can spin the above types of yarn. This allows the spinners to make a fashion yarn fully with attractive colours.

Dual slub

It is unique invention in the fancy yarn segment. In this type the slub is produced on both injection portion and in the base yarn so this give an attractive design in which the slub can be produced on both the colours. The Injection slub thickness is based on the injection roving hank. The simulation of the fabric can viewed in our software itself and the same can be emailed to the buyer in any format. This helps the spinners to make any number of designs without wasting time and money.

Injection slub

The slub is formed in the injection part alone. The diameter and length of the slub can be programmed and the no of slubs per meter is also programmed. Lakshmi Caipo used a patent technology, which ensures the sharp start and end of the slub.

Vario Syro yarn

In this two-colared roving material can be spun continuously and the length of two colars can be controlled so that the finished yarn will have a solid colour and two colars in the same yarn which will give an attractive appearance in the fabric. In the present attachment in the market can produce only yarn fully with two colars only on Lakshmi Caipo attachment we can control the length of colour insertion.

The systems are backed by high-powered diagnostics that record all events and errors for each connected machine over any 30 day spinning operation. Our Tele diagnostics transmit diagnostic data through the internet to a remote and safe server (CAIPO) for accelerated problem identification and solution.

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