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James Heal Impulse conforms to new standard

Nov 01, 2014

The new Impulse from James Heal is one of several instruments within their range for evaluating pilling and is a two-chamber instrument designed and built to meet American standard ASTM D3512, SANS 6116, the Japanese JIS L1076 standard, French NFG07-121 plus more recent ISO Standard 12945-3, when used with the appropriate liner and impeller.

As with all of the James Heal instruments, the Impulse3 is stylish designed with two vertically oriented test chambers to occupy the least possible bench space and has significantly enhanced air to keep the specimens tumbling during the test, offering an important advantage over other instruments of this type.

The specimens are agitated within the two chambers by a high-speed (1200 rpm) impeller and long-life LED technology illuminates the two chambers with clear Perspex allowing the user to view the sample during testing.

This constant calibrated speed of 1200 rpm is guaranteed irrespective of variations in the electrical supply voltage and is checked during the regular Service & Calibration services from the company´s qualified technicians.

The impellers, which can be changed as required, enable tests to be carried out in accordance with ISO, ASTM and Japanese standards. The new ISO 12945-3 is based on the French standard NF G 07-121: 1987 and has been adopted by CEN as EN ISO 12945-3.

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