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Groz-Beckert at IFAI with sewing product area

Nov 01, 2018
Groz-Beckert at IFAI with sewing product area

Groz-Beckert has a variety of special application needles (SAN) – offering the perfect needle for every situation, tailored to the relevant application.

Groz-Beckert took part with the Sewing product area at IFAI Expo, which is one of the most important regional trade fairs in Texas, USA, for manufacture of clothing and technical textiles. The event took place from 15 to 18 October in the “Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center” in Dallas.

Increasing demands on productivity and ever more complex applications, combined with the growing variety of materials, are key challenges faced by the sewing industry. In response to these challenges, Groz-Beckert has a variety of special application needles (SAN) – offering the perfect needle for every situation, tailored to the relevant application.

For sewing technical textiles, for example, the special application needle SAN 5.2 delivers the best results due to its properties. The special shaft reinforcement increases the needle stability, for example, and the double coding in the point area improves the thread guidance in both linear and multi-directional sewing processes.

For extremely fine loop and weave materials, on the other hand, special applications needles SAN 10 and SAN 10 XS are used. The shaft geometry of both needles is gentle on the material and guarantees fault-free processing. The special shape of the needle eye also helps to reduce the number of skipped stitches and needle and thread breakages. Equipped with a titanium nitride coating (GEBEDUR), both needles also offer improved wear protection and a longer lifetime. This leads to a significant improvement in efficiency in the sewing operation. In addition to the high demands placed on the sewing operation itself, topics such as occupational health and safety and environmental protection are also becoming ever more important in today’s market. The regulations often go beyond the legal requirements, as brand owners and stores apply their own codes of conduct and monitor compliance closely. The Quality Management INH (Ideal Needle Handling) developed by Groz-Beckert offers support here. It is tailored perfectly to the processes in sewing operations and facilitates problem-free and time-saving handling and documentation of broken and damaged sewing machine needles. The process thus has a direct positive impact on occupational health and safety, productivity and the environment.With the Online Customer Portal Sewing, Groz-Beckert also supports its customers online in all aspects of the production process. The ever-expanding knowledge database provides customers with a wealth of information on sewing technology as well as many details about Groz-Beckert products and services - around the clock, anywhere in the world. In addition to videos on different types of stitch formation, a product catalog is also available in the portal, with a quick and reliable product search function.