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EasyTop – easy exchange of flat clothings

Sep 01, 2019
EasyTop – easy exchange of flat clothings

To assure an evenly high quality in the carding process, the regular replacement of the flat clothings is a prerequisite. This however leads to downtime of the cards in question. Graf’s EasyTop allows the exchange of the flat clothing to be effected quickly and easily.

EasyTop is suitable for aluminium flat bars with magnetic adhesion technology from all manufacturers. The application of the well known and proven Graf flat clothings is thus assured on all flat bars, irrespective of the mode of attachment. With the introduction of the EasyTop generation of flat clothings, Graf is able to provide card clothings in the established and reliable quality for all known types of flat cards from one source.

Quick reclothing – reduced investment

As a result of the innovative mode of attachment by high energy magnets the cost- and labour-intensive processes such as stripping and clipping are noticeably reduced. The flat bars can be easily reclothed without the requirement for machines or special tools by the mill’s own staff within the shortest possible time. With the straightforward exchange of the flat strips the typical flat workshop is not a necessity, resulting in considerably reduced operating and service costs. The need for the mechanical stripping and clipping of the flat clothings can be dispensed with.

Reliable magnet technology provides precision and quality. As soon as the EasyTop is placed on the flat bar the magnetic effect will automatically assure the correct positioning. Due to the two separate layers of adhesive, which also work as compensation layers, the EasyTop technique permits the narrowest of tolerances within the entire system. Once the flat clothing is placed on the flat bar the magnetic connection will withstand even the strongest carding forces. The EasyTop fastening technology is thus totally reliable in operation. Unlike other, conventional modes of attachment with clips, the EasyTop system is a non-destructive connection that can be detached with minimal effort. Thus this fastening technology favours carrying out trials efficiently with different types of flat clothings without loss of the existing clothings.

Time saving with the exchange of EasyTop flat clothings:

Opening of cover of card; removal of flat bars from the card; manual stripping of worn flat strips in the workshop; cleaning of flat bars and flat ends; placing of new flat clothings on; to magnetic strip; re-installation of flat bars to the card in the mill; setting and starting of card.

The advantages for the spinners at a glance:

Optimal carding gap, time saving during reclothing, exchange without physical effort, no special tools required, no requirement for service workshop for flats, reduced service costs, shorter downtime of the cards, and secure attachment.