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Datatex ERP - NOW - for end-to-end business

Oct 01, 2018
Datatex ERP - NOW - for end-to-end business

NOW is a web-based ERP, which manages end-to-end business processes across all the textile supply chain segments.

Datatex AG has been designing and developing IT solutions for textile and apparel industry since 1987. With more than 400 implementations across 42 countries, Datatex has made a positive impact in global textile and apparel industry.

NOW ERP is the flagship product from Datatex. NOW (Network Oriented World) is a web-based (100 per cent Java-J2EE) ERP, which manages end-to-end business processes across all the textile supply chain segments like spinning, knitting, weaving, processing and apparel manufacturing in multiple sub verticals like denim, worsted, nonwoven, home textiles, technical textiles, carpets, etc.

As it has been developed for textile and apparel industry, NOW has multiple features that make it acceptable across the industry sub verticals. NOW Planning takes care of material planning as well as production planning required across the entire textile supply chain. Thus, in case of an order of finished garment, it plans material requirement for fabric, sewing trims, packing trims, etc. for the entire order. It also calculates the production quantities at intermediate levels such as cut product, sewn product and finished product, etc. In case of finished fabric, it calculates greige yarn requirement – for warp and weft (in case of knits, it will calculate over all yarn requirement) and dyes and chemical requirement. It calculates production quantities at intermediate levels of dyed yarn, warp beam, greige fabric, finished fabric, etc.

NOW Planning works for MTO as well as MTS scenarios. It can also manage mixed scenario as required by many textile organisations. The planning is governed by organisation specific, totally configurable rules to arrive at the right plan. Sales inquiries/orders explode automatically and generate production demands and purchase requests at multiple levels. It takes care of stock netting, allocation, batching and optimisation rules at multiple levels.

The modules of sales, purchase, warehousing are of global standard and understand the requirement of textile organisations. Be it partial orders from customers, quality checks at material receipts or need of storing different materials in different unit of measures or quality levels, NOW has it all – configurable as per individual organisational requirements.

The plant maintenance module schedules the preventive maintenance automatically along with the material and tools required. Costing module helps users do pre-order and post order costing along with deviation report. Finance module has General ledger, account payable, account receivable and asset accounting functionalities along with reporting needs of PL and balance sheets are various levels as per the practices at implementing organisation. What sets NOW apart is the ease at which users can use it for day to day transactions in individually configurable screens, perform status analysis online as well as in the form of reports. Datatex NOW – a truly global ERP, configured as per the specific needs of the textile and apparel organisation helps users to take better and faster decision to communicate internally as well as externally.

"NOW has multiple features that make it acceptable across the industry sub verticals.”