Microfibres: The macro menace

Microfibres: The macro menace

Microfibres are shedded out of garments during washing of textiles. They enter aquatic food chain and ultimately impact human life. Understanding the pattern of microfibre release and eliminating the resultant contamination of water is a major challenge, says Dr Ashok Athalye and Sharan Shetty.

A world without textiles is yet to be seen. Clothing will always be our basic necessity in life be it for luxury or for protection. Different type of fibres are used for apparel and clothing purpose, but the largest consumed globally is Polyester which is of synthetic base. The intrinsic characteristic properties of polyester in terms of weight, strength, luster, warmth and the ease of blending in varying ratio with other natural fibres, make it the most versatile textile material. Further, the abundant possibilities to enhance surface functionality to impart desired end use performance effects like comfort feel, moisture management, etc make it the most suitable textile component.


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