LMW and BSL Bhilwara: A collaboration fostering sustained growth and success

LMW and BSL Bhilwara: A collaboration fostering sustained growth and success

The enduring partnership between M/s. BSL Limited and LMW has extended over three decades, with LMW consistently playing the key role in comprehensive end-to-end projects and modernisation initiatives at BSL, all geared towards enhancing their spun yarn production.

Established in 1970 in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, Bhilwara Suitings Limited, BSL is dedicated to the manufacturing of woollen / worsted yarns, synthetic yarns, blended viscose fabrics, and silk fabrics, in addition to furnishing and fashion fabrics.
The company exports its products to approximately 60 countries across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

BSL’s association with LMW: An everlasting partnership dedicated to ensuring excellence across applications, spanning over two generations

Establishing 20,000 spindles facility in 2005 for Polyester/Viscose (P/V) blended yarn: As a trendsetter in the Poly Viscose suiting segment and with a commitment to upholding the brand’s reputation and delivering quality products, BSL strategically planned to establish an in-house spinning plant for the production of Polyester/Viscose (P/V) blended yarn. After thorough evaluation of various technology options, BSL opted for LMW’s comprehensive end-to-end solutions. They successfully inaugurated a state-of-the-art spinning unit featuring 20,000 spindles in 2005, (100 per cent LMW Project), specialising in producing Poly/Viscose blended yarn in counts of 15s, 18s, 30s, and 40s Ne.

Expansion into the Airjet segment In 2008-09: When BSL aimed to venture into the Airjet segment In 2008-09, LMW was the clear choice for machinery. Impressed by the quality outcomes of their existing ring spinning project, BSL decided to opt for 100% LMW Preparatory machinery for the Airjet project. The facility has been operating successfully, setting benchmarks for the past 15 years.

A progressive stride into the Cotton Combed Compact process in 2023, with 30,000 spindles project: In 2023, BSL decided to embark on the Cotton Combed Compact process, with LMW emerging as the preferred partner for establishing this new facility. This comprehensive end-to-end project, with 30,000 spindles, dedicated to the Cotton Combed Compact application is equipped with cutting-edge smart LMW solutions focusing on the production of Ne 20s to 40s counts.
The machinery lineup at the facility comprises of,

Application : Cotton Combed Compact
Spindleage : 29,184
Avg Count : 27s CCH&W (20s to 36s Ne)
Production / day : 22.5 Tons

The mills attain a daily productivity of 22.5 tons/day of compact combed yarn, consistently maintaining benchmark quality from the unit.

The Card LC636

The versatile Card LC636 from LMW is adept at processing various applications, including cotton, blends, and man-made fibers, with equal ease. With the impressive active carding area of 1.95 sq. m. and a cylinder area of 3.95 sq. m., the LC636 rates high in delivering enduring value to customers.

Featuring a working width of 1.5 meters, the LC636 ensures elevated productivity levels and optimal utilization of valuable resources. This aligns with the ethos of “achieving more with less,” addressing the evolving needs of today’s spinners.
LMW’s Card LC636 plays a pivotal role in achieving consistent quality with higher precision and seamless production, which is a game changer in the preparatory spinning process for Ring spinning.

The Auto Doffer Speed Frame LF 4280/SX

The LMW Auto Doffer Speed Frame LF 4280/SX, featuring 240 spindles, stands as the market’s most advanced and longest Speed Frame, delivering unparalleled value to customers. Its benchmark productivity is ensured by a robust design and a modular belt drive arrangement that facilitates higher delivery speeds of up to 50 m/min.
The Automatic Tension Control (ATC), a dynamic tension sensing and control system, combined with a bottom cleaning device and dual-drive arrangement, guarantees consistently high-quality roving. Energy efficiency is optimized through a 4-segment drive arrangement, a unique CQ duct, and a modular drive with 40 spindles for flyers and bobbins. User-friendliness is enhanced by features such as draft and twist adjustments from the touchscreen, a wider platform, and bobbin lifting safety.

Smart compact Ring frame LRJ 9/SXL

The smart compact Ring frame LRJ 9/SXL from LMW has been successfully running at a speed of 21,500 rpm (avg speed 20,600 rpm) with the finest quality setting benchmark productivity in cotton combed compact yarn application.
The Ring frame has 1824 spindles, 160 mm lift and 36mm ring diameter. Consistent and superior quality is guaranteed through the Direct Loading System (DLS), a distinctive top-suction arrangement, and the Uni-compact nozzle crafted from specially alloyed aluminum. Integrated with a benchmarking compact system, tailored for a diverse range of applications, including recycled fibers, it ensures optimal spinning quality. The simple drive system of the compact roller and the High-Performance Module (HPM) contribute to the ease of operation.

The Sustainable Smart Solutions for Spinning Success from LMW backed by a culture of innovation empowers mills with the technological and competitive edge through mission critical automation, real time data and analytics from connected machines, compatibility with all applications and consistent performance under diverse operating conditions.

The innovative solutions from LMW are crafted with the goal of alleviating customer pain points and meeting the demands of today’s dynamic global textile market.

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