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Yarn Expo Autumn to focus on regenerated yarn

Jul 29, 2019
Yarn Expo Autumn to focus on regenerated yarn

Yarn Expo Autumn 2019 will feature a wide array of different yarn and fibre materials, including regenerated and recycled yarn. Sustainably-produced regenerated cellulose fibres are on offer, along with plenty of recycled options that close the loop in the fashion industry. Regenerated yarns and fibres can be found from exhibitors such as Birla, overseas newcomers Else Bornewa (Turkey), Hai Thien Synthetic Fiber (Vietnam) and Henbang Textile Vietnam (Vietnam), as well as domestic exhibitors, from 25 – 27 September 2019 in Shanghai, China.

“Creating an environmentally-friendly product begins with fibre, and brands are increasingly recognising this,” commented Manohar Samuel, Senior President of Marketing & Business Development at Grasim Industries Ltd (of the Aditya Birla Group) in the Birla Cellulose case study at Yarn Expo Spring 2019. The eco-friendly options at September’s fair will offer brands the chance to ensure traceable sustainability throughout their supply chain.

This September, the Birla Satellite Pavilion will return to Yarn Expo Autumn with a diverse range of exhibitors, including Birla Cellulose and their eco-friendly regenerated cellulose fibres. Birla Cellulose are globally recognised for their soft and eco-friendly viscose fibres, including Birla Viscose, Birla Modal, Birla Spunshades, and Birla Excel.

With water pollution being a great concern for the fashion industry’s environmental impact, a solution can be found with Else Bornewa’s extensive colour range of recycled cotton and acrylic yarns. The yarns, which are OEKO-TEX® and GRS certified, are produced from fabric waste collected from their garment manufacturing operations. The waste is separated by colour or mixture before being recycled into fibres, resulting in a product range of 63 colours that do not require extra dyeing, ultimately saving water and minimising pollution.

For recycled polyester, visitors can meet a new exhibitor from Vietnam, Hai Thien Synthetic Fiber. They will bring 100 per cent recycled polyester staple fibres, and have two production lines, ensuring fast production. They offer dope-dyed yarns, a method that generates less water waste, and can handle custom orders.