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Welspun India reaches digital transformation milestone

Mar 08, 2021
Welspun India reaches digital transformation milestone

Global textile powerhouse Welspun India has embarked on the next phase of its comprehensive digitisation journey, working with digital innovation and technology implementation firm STYCHECO ('Stitch-Co') to deploy the BeProduct platform and to revitalise its international design, development, and production processes.

Welspun India is part of the Welspun Group – one of India's fastest-growing conglomerates.  With more than 25,000 employees, a presence in more than 50 countries, and a "farm to shelf" model of vertical integration that runs from design to drop shipping. Welspun has a broad product footprint covering bed, bath and flooring categories.  In textiles, Welspun produces under license for household names in Asia, Europe, and North America, delivers to major global retailers, and oversees cutting-edge manufacturing worldwide.

To manage this complexity, the Welspun Group has embarked on a company-wide digital transformation project that spans from sales and marketing to sourcing.  Welspun's partnership with STYCHECHO and BeProduct quickly became a vital part of that digital transformation for its textile business, as Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer Christopher Mooney explained, "Our objective was to serve our customers better by transitioning all of our data, systems, processes, and people – across the entire value chain - to digital.  It was therefore essential to us not only to find a new common IT platform, but to create secure, sustainable ways of working that would allow our design teams in New York to collaborate with their colleagues in India.  From that point of view, Welspun's digital transformation initiative relied on us finding the right technology, but also the right technical and cultural implementation partner.  I'm thrilled that we found STYCHECO; with their assistance our digital transformation and growth goals are now in reach."

"As digital transformation strategies go, Welspun's is one of the boldest we have ever seen," added Darioush Nikpour, Founder of STYCHECO.  "The scope and the scale of the digitisation is gigantic, which is why we were thrilled to be able to step in and assist the Welspun team with defining, executing, and building on their ideas for digitisation.

The goal of the CEO of Welspun, Dipali Goenka, was to connect with their customers and consumers through the collaboration with technology. The STYCHECO team cannot wait to continue its work with Welspun – helping an inspiring business to achieve digital transformation on a truly global scale."

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A digital transformation practice with over 20 years' experience working with retail and lifestyle brands, STYCHECO sits at the intersection of product development and technology.  Working with brand owners, C-level executives, and IT resources, STYCHECO places a special emphasis on aligning and scaling the digital and physical value chains.  We also partner with various private equity and capital venture firms to improve the productivity, technology adoption and scalability of the different teams that make up their brand portfolios.