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US wool export soars by 24%

Dec 22, 2017
US wool export soars by 24%

In the market year 2017 (Oct1, 2016 to Sept 30, 2017) the American wool exports has rebounded strongly with a 24 per cent increase in total exports to 8.64 million pounds clean weight compared to the previous market year.

American wool exports increased 29.5 per cent to $22.6 million. Greasy wool exports accounted for 74.8 per cent of total exports. Assuming that American wool production in 2017 remains the same as it was the previous year (25.7 million lbs. greasy), then 67.2 per cent of the total clip was exported—up from 54.2 per cent the previous year.

China remains the No. 1 export destination with a very significant increase of 51.3 per cent in United States exports to 4.39 million lbs. clean. This amounts to 50.8 per cent of all exports compared to MY2016’s level of 41.7 per cent. Western Europe took the No. 2 destination from India with a 7.9 per cent increase to 1.18 million lbs. clean and a 13.7 per cent share in US exports. Exports to India have reduced by 28.1 per cent to 993,800 lbs. clean and an 11.5 per cent share of total exports.

Eastern Europe became the No. 4 destination, mostly due to Bulgarian imports of greasy wool. The region saw a 32.1 per cent increase in American wool imports to 896,800 lbs. clean, amounting to a 10.4 per cent share of total US exports.