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US brands to stay put in Bangla

Aug 12, 2016
US brands to stay put in Bangla

Most global brands doing business in Bangladesh have decided to stay put in the country. Serial attacks on the foreigners by the Islamist extremists have not deterred them from continuing business, and they have emphasised their willingness to buy products from Bangladesh’s garment sector.
Recently, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has declared that most of the US companies have decided to stay in Bangladesh and purchase products from Bangladesh’s garment industry. Meanwhile, the US has also expressed serious concern over the security conditions in Bangladesh and offered help in country’s fight against terrorism. 
Bangladesh’s Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu has recently made it clear that like Bangladesh, the US is also worried about the security situation in the country. He added that the US has expressed willingness to work with the government of Bangladesh to address issues like cyber crime and militancy