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Ultra-High Viscosity technology by Xaar for labels

Sep 16, 2021
Ultra-High Viscosity technology by Xaar for labels

Xaar, which is the leading inkjet printing technology group, claims that its advanced Ultra High Viscosity technology will demonstrate the difference that inkjet printing will make to labels and packaging.  

Part of Xaar’s ImagineX platform, this technology is going to ensure that Xaar’s printheads will deliver high impact, efficient, and productive results related to digital label and packaging printing. It is seen that by using an extended high colour gamut and fluids along with larger particles as well as more pigment, the colors come out to be more vibrant and black and white become stronger. This is very useful for delivering impact on many labels and direct-to-shape packaging printing applications.

Fluids and inks with viscosities can also be jetted in a single pass. This further opens up the opportunities for label and packaging printers so that new and exciting finishes can be delivered to clients across a wider variety of packaging materials.

According to Graham Tweedale, General Manager, Xaar’s printhead business unit, Ultra High Viscosity technology is going to open new opportunities for Xaar in a number of applications, mainly packaging and label. He also said that inkjet printheads could only use jet fluids of around 8 to 12 cP, while the new technology by the company allows the printer to jet much higher viscosities.

Source – Press release of "Xaar"

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