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TMAS office in Vietnam

Nov 24, 2017
TMAS office in Vietnam

TMAS, Textile Machinery Association of Sweden, has established a local office in the 7th district of Ho Chi Minh City. Heading the office is Tran Phuoc Thanh, Business Development Representative for TMAS in Vietnam.

Tran comes with experience from the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group. He has also gathered insights into the industry and undergone training in Sweden, from the Swedish textile machinery makers and their customers. Tran is strategically positioned to market Swedish machinery as well as drive sales and support for TMAS companies in Vietnam.

“TMAS is positioned for the long-term in Vietnam. The country is emerging as the new global production center of textile products. We want to be part of this exciting growth and expansion. We believe we have a lot to offer in terms of our knowledge, expertise and innovative technology, “said Mikael Äremann, President, TMAS.

TMAS helps support member companies to compete in the global textile industry with leading edge production equipment and technology. TMAS member companies are all well-established leaders in various areas of the textile manufacturing process. The companies offer a unique combination of production expertise, textile manufacturing knowledge, and superior products and services.

The textile industry is growing dramatically and Vietnam has been identified as a hub for the Asian textile industry in the next decade. The main reason for this is the increasing cost levels in China, causing many textile and garment brands to relocate in Vietnam. In fact, TMAS companies in Sweden have already started realizing a notable increase in demand for their products and services.

“TMAS companies are the perfect match for the Vietnamese textile industry. We are a relatively small, tight-knit group of companies, each specializing in a different key area along the manufacturing process. Our size allows us to be flexible. We work closely with our customers, we listen and adapt quickly to their changing needs as they respond to market demands, “emphasized Therese Premler-Andersson, Secretary General, TMAS.

Textile companies in Vietnam are looking for ways to be competitive, and the country is clearly demonstrating that it has the capacity and stamina to deliver. TMAS is committed to enabling the Vietnamese textile industry to flourish well over time.