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TMAS, Vietnam join hands to promote garment manufacturing

Apr 18, 2018
TMAS, Vietnam join hands to promote garment manufacturing

The Vietnamese textile and garment industry has a history that dates back 100s of years and is still one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy. Today, there are over 6,000 textile and garment manufacturing companies with about 2.5 million employees, making Vietnam the third top garment exporter in the world.

TMAS has established a local office in the 7th district of Ho Chi Minh City. Heading the office is Tran Phuoc Thanh, Business Development Representative for TMAS in Vietnam. TMAS provides customers with highly innovative products including machineries, equipment and solutions to support our customers in their production processes. Our customers can rest assured that with TMAS they get the highest levels quality, productivity and service. All TMAS companies have representative and technical service world-wide to provide reliable technical support and after sales service at the right time. This is key to why our customers stay with us well over time, and rely on us to help them grow and succeed, said Tran.

This makes it all the more essential for the technological advancements and innovative production processes to be introduced. Vietnam is poised for expansive growth and development, and TMAS member companies see the tremendous potential and the endless possibilities for adding value to an important local industry.

“We see our involvement in the Vietnamese textile industry as just beginning. We have been steadily building business since early 2017. Our deep understanding of the market, knowledge and competence make us very positive about our plans for tapping into exciting new opportunities that will benefit our customers and ourselves. As well as help the local industry and communities to prosper,” said Therese Premler-Andersson, Secretary General, TMAS.

TMAS member companies are all well-established leaders in various areas of the textile manufacturing process. The companies offer a unique combination of production expertise, textile manufacturing knowledge, and superior products and services. “The Vietnamese textile industry will continue to grow as it shifts over to new technologies and automation. We will shift from lower end clothing items to high end fashion and top-quality garments. The coming years are going to be extremely important and interesting for the textile industry in Vietnam,” said Tran.

TMAS President, Mikael Äremann was in Vietnam in early 2018, and is convinced of Vietnam’s growing importance as a major market for the innovative Swedish association. “Our member companies are highly competent and quality focused. We work closely together to capitalise on our combined strength and resources. In this way, our customers benefit from operational synergies to achieve optimum levels of performance and efficiency.”