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Textile units told to submit data

Dec 19, 2016
Textile units told to submit data

From January 2017, all units in India across the textile value chain, except handloom, khadi and jute, will have to register online and provide data on production.

According to a senior official in the Ministry of Textiles, said “While we have data on exports, there is no information related to the domestic textile and clothing sector. We do not know how many units are MSMEs, how many are mills or the kinds of products they make. This system will help us know which segment is strong, those that need support, and the quality standards adopted.”

“We want to start from January 1. The systems are almost in place. The units will have to register first. There is a proforma and details such as the size of the unit, the number of workers, production, product type, fibre used and standards adopted will be collected. This will be mandatory for all the units,” the official said.