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Textile Institute presents awards to global recipients

Aug 27, 2018
Textile Institute presents awards to global recipients

Annually, The Textile Institute presents awards to members and industry recipients, under the Institute’s Council Authority, to recognise outstanding contributions to the global textile industries and/or the work of The Textile Institute. Both highlights in the Institute’s calendar of events, the Awards Ceremony was part of The 91st Textile Institute World Conference in Leeds, UK. The Award Ceremony and gala dinner took place at The Royal Armouries in Leeds – the UK’s oldest museum, which hold one of the largest collections of arms and armour in the world.

The theme for the 2018 conference was ‘Integrating Design with Sustainable Technology’ – a concept being recognised globally as of great importance to the future of textiles.

Award winning, Xiros, one of the conference sponsors, were awarded The TI New Materials Award for their work and research in the development, design, and manufacture of products to the medical profession.

One of the most respected awards of the night – the Companion Membership Award – went to Frank Moore, former Head of Merchandise Standards at John Lewis Group, who said, “I am delighted to receive this unexpected award in recognition of the work I have undertaken in developing good safety & quality standards.”

The TI Young Persons Award recognises young talent in the textile industry and is awarded to students to assist attendance at international conferences. Charlotte Moroney, the 2018 winner, said, “I'm thrilled to have won the Young Persons award and have my research recognised by The Textile Institute. The award will help me to further disseminate my research to a wider, professional audience.”

The TI Research Publication Award is presented to an individual author or group of authors for the most outstanding paper published in The Journal of the Textile Institute - a leading international publication, devoted to research and innovation. The award is sponsored by Taylor and Francis Group. This year’s winners were Sungee Park and Dr Sundaresan Jayaraman.

Scott Yearsley of Taylor and Francis Group, said, “Taylor & Francis is proud to publish The Journal of The Textile Institute and Textile Progress on behalf of The Textile Institute. The Research Publication Award recognises contribution in the former journal which has been well received by the community, and which combines innovation, flair and solid academic content.”

The awards for 2018 went to:
  • Companion Membership to Bernard F Moore CText FTI, UK
  • The Institute Medal to Dr Gerry Leaf CText FTI, UK
  • The Textile Institute Holden Medal for Education to Professor Ayub Khan CText FTI, Bangladesh
  • The Textile Institute Innovation Award to Revolution Fibres, New Zealand
  • The Textile Institute New Materials Award to XIROS Ltd, UK
  • The Textile Institute Research Publication Award to Sungmee Park and Dr Sundaresan Jayaraman, USA
  • The Textile Institute Young Persons Award to Charlotte Moroney, UK