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Tex Styles launches new brand campaign for GTP

Dec 01, 2017
Tex Styles launches new brand campaign for GTP

Tex Styles Ghana Limited, a producer of GTP and other woodin fabrics, has launched a new brand campaign for GTP with a purpose of reinforcing the brand promise of GTP, which is expressed as ‘Timeless Grace’. The purpose is also to strengthen its position as a leading textile manufacturer in Ghana. GTP is Africa’s leading textile and printing brand.

“For well over 50 years, GTP has been consistent in its promise of offering consumers premium quality fabrics, timeless designs, and strong heritage that make them look and feel beautiful, proud, confident and to stay in tune with the culture. We can confidently say that GTP has become the second skin of Ghanaians,” commented Rev Badu, marketing director of GTP, at an event held in the company’s premises.

Considering the point of view of consumers, the reinforcement of unique value proposition is being done in order to stay true to the GTP brand, added Badu.

“The company will embark on the new campaign by utilising cultural attributes and courtesies associated with Ghanaians to demonstrate to the rest of the world the sociable and hospitable nature of Ghanaians and by so doing inspire others to do the same,” he further said. “We know Ghanaians are quite gracious by virtue of the cultural upbringing. Through this campaign, we want to encourage Ghanaians to teach more, share more, innovate more, celebrate more and love more. All these virtues inspire positive change and growth.” GTP brand is a joint venture of Tex Styles Ghana Limited and Premium African Textiles Company Limited. These companies are responsible for the creation of designs, printing, distribution and marketing of the GTP brand.