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Tessiltex-Squinabol chooses Amni Soul Eco for green fabric

Sep 20, 2019
Tessiltex-Squinabol chooses Amni Soul Eco for green fabric

In partnership with Fulgar, Italy-based Tessiltex-Squinabol is presenting an exclusive green fabric made using Amni Soul Eco 6.6 nylon biodegradable yarn at Premiere Vision Paris fair. Produced by Sendyi–China, the product combines a refined, elegant aesthetic with unique functional and eco-sustainable properties, and is set to revolutionise the coat and jacket sector. The new product features a matt look, soft, technical feel, and gentle touch and down proof performance in a product that biodegrades in much less time than fabrics manufactured using traditional nylons.

Amni Soul Eco is one of the exclusive specialities developed by Solvay and produced and distributed by Fulgar, an Italian company that is world leader in the production of man-made fibres, a company with a long-standing commitment the research and manufacture of eco-sustainable fibres and yarns. Using this innovative bio-degradable polyamide in the production process enables the creation of garments that will decompose rapidly at the end of their lifecycle. Under conditions of anaerobic disposal its special composition makes it easier for bacteria to access and digest the material, speeding up the bio-degradation process. Amni Soul Eco is eliminated by the eco-system in around five years, while other fibres take decades to decompose.

This innovative fabric has already found many uses in the coat and jacket sector. Combining the fabric with real down padding produced and certified by Cinelli Piume e Piumini, is an inspirational idea and has provided a wake-up call for the entire industry, which is more environmentally aware and open to the need to co-exist with the natural world to ensure a green sustainable future.

“The new fabric is based on research into a new relationship with nature, in the spirit of Greta Thunberg. The decision to use green yarns is an excellent starting point for making something that is totally innovative and environmentally-aware. I think that more than ever it’s important to make considered choices when producing fabrics for the fashion industry, so we’re pleased to be able to rely on a partner like Fulgar, which offers such high standards all around,” said Senofonte Squinabol, owner of Tessiltex-Squinabol.
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