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TERATOP XKS inks for technical textiles

Oct 16, 2017
TERATOP XKS inks for technical textiles

Huntsman Textile Effects, a provider of high quality dyes and chemicals, has unveiled TERATOP XKS HL reactive inks that deliver outstanding weather-fastness for digital printing of polyester fibres. TERATOP XKS HL inks help mills produce technical textiles with the highest colour-fastness performance for automotive, outdoor furnishings, and home textiles.

Michael Mordente, Director – Digital Inks for Huntsman Textile Effects, said, “Colour-fastness to light and heat are the critical success factors for technical textiles. TERATOP XKS HL is the only ink range available in the market for industrial digital printing that meets the high light-fastness standards set by the automotive industry. The innovation from Huntsman helps mills improve their existing auto and outdoor products or move into this high-value segment of the market.”

The TERATOP XKS HL inks are first-in-class disperse inks capable of printing on technical textiles that require extremely high colour-fastness and tone-on-tone colour fading. Mills can achieve the deepest black shades and a wide spectrum of colours, with metamerism consistency to meet the needs of customers and end-consumers.

In addition to helping mills produce high-value textiles, the inks also help improve mill competitiveness. Formulated for Kyocera print head technology, TERATOP XKS HL inks offer excellent reliability, runnability, and reproducibility. Mills benefit from faster production, minimal ink consumption, less wastage, and reduced equipment maintenance. This helps them maximise their productivity while reducing the cost of digital printing.