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Teijin presents Teijinconex® Coolnex

Oct 24, 2017
Teijin presents Teijinconex® Coolnex

Teijin Aramid has launched Teijinconex® Coolnex Super Wicking Fabric, a lighter, softer and more comfortable flame resistant Fabric. The outstanding feature of this new fabric is a quick dry absorption of perspiration without losing its flame resistance. An innovation that is fulfilling the needs of the work wear industry.

This state-of-the-art single layer fabric combines the best in personal protection fabrics with high performance sports textiles. It offers unmatched thermal protective performance standing tough against heat, flames and flash fire. Designed to breathe, the fabric allows the sweat to move from the body to outside, producing a cotton like feel. The moisture wicking capability outperforms competing fabrics like cotton, viscose or traditional aramid fabrics. The fabric is reinforced with high performance Twaron® or Technora® para-aramid fibers for superior strength and durability. Garments made with Teijinconex® Coolnex Super Wicking Fabric not only retain their protective properties after thermal exposure, they also remain comfortable and service worthy longer.

Christian Norhausen, Business Department Heat & Cut protection at Teijin Aramid: "With our long history and experience in professional protective apparel and sportswear we designed a fabric that brings comfort in flame resistant work wear to the next level. The intrinsically built-in flame resistance and moisture dry release properties make this a truly outstanding fabric for everyday use."