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Tailor-made bob suits from HeiQ & KJUS

Mar 09, 2018
Tailor-made bob suits from HeiQ & KJUS

The Swiss textile technology innovator HeiQ and one of the world’s leading premium ski brands KJUS sponsored the tailor-made leading-edge bob suits during the first Cristal Da Glatsch bobsled race to support the oldest and only natural bobsleigh track in the world. On 1 March, the race took place on the Olympia Bob Run St.Moritz-Celerina in the Engadine Valley, Switzerland. Likewise, the software solution provider Comitas and the high-speed internet provider Mia Engiadina have cooperatively supported this speed driven event.

The words “ristal Da Glatsch” in the Rhaeto-Romanic language translate as “Ice Crystal”. The club’s naming pays homage to both the ice that brings the Olympia Bob Run to life and the ice track’s location in the Romanic Engadine. The club’s members are mostly business people whose heart beats for Swiss traditional winter sports, both to watch and to participate in. Founded in September 2017, Cristal Da Glatsch aims to support the Olympia track while enjoying camaraderie and speed burn. The Olympia Bob Run St.Moritz-Celerina in the Engadine Valley, Switzerland, is the oldest and only naturally refrigerated bobsled track in the world. It served as host to the 1928 and the 1948 Winter Olympics and is hand-built year by year by the same families of mountain farmers since generations.

To kick off the new club with a bang, Cristal Da Glatsch organised a bobsled race on March 1. The CEOs of HeiQ, KJUS, Comitas and Mia Engiadina, put themselves forward as participants and shared bobsleds with experienced Swiss world champions, like Marcel Rohner and Cla Mosca, to race downhill at more than 130 km/h. All of participants were inspired and exhilarated by the experience.

To support this great Swiss tradition, HeiQ and KJUS, sponsored the leading-edge and tailor-made bob suits for this event. Just as KJUS, HeiQ wants to excel in making textiles perfect and best performing. Skintight and aerodynamic suits are essential for the race to reduce drag on the way into the bob and down the run. The gear combines a stunning drag reduction performance with a comfortable fit enabled by a secret HeiQ finishing technology minimising air resistance and enhanced quick dry properties.