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Swiss polymer technology to fight coronavirus

Sep 01, 2020
Swiss polymer technology to fight coronavirus

An innovative product has emerged in the Indian textile industry that promises to render viruses such as coronavirus ineffective. The credit to bring this technology goes to N9 World Technologies, a subsidiary of Bengaluru Resil Chemicals, and Consolidated Pathways, USA. The two firms signed an agreement to build unique Swiss antiviral and antimicrobial technologies into sustainable, cost effective custom blends for India's textile industry.

At the centre of the partnership is N9's unique organ functional polymer marketed under the umbrella brand VIROBAN. The durable antiviral technology from the house of N9 brings hygiene to textile materials, thereby helping improve the fabric's resilience against viruses’ including Coronavirus.

The VIROBAN N9 XTS-18 creates a highly-cationic charge density on the textile’s surface, deactivating the spread of the virus and bacteria upon contact. The technology is highly effective against enveloped and capsid viruses, having proven in reducing  viruses by 99.99 per cent in ISO 18184 tests. The technology is designed to quickly prevent transmission of viruses. VIROBAN polymers are highly compatible with other textiles while remaining gentle on human skin.

N9’s special textile capabilities have ushered in a unique product that has emerged as the need of the hour for countries fighting the pandemic. Such high-quality fabrics and textile products correspond with the needs of India. Vikram Rao, Managing Director of N9 World Technologies explaining the benefits of the technology, says, “With the onslaught of the pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking protection and safety in almost everything they breathe, touch or wear. We are committed to keeping our customers safe and that is why we have partnered with Consolidated Pathways & SANITIZED AG. With this partnership, N9 World Technologies is now a ‘One Stop Shop’ for global brands and retailers who are seeking innovative and sustainable specialty finishes for their textile products. A worldwide business development team is already in place for marketing and servicing customers with these proven technologies with global regulatory approvals.”

N9 World Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bengaluru-based Resil Chemicals and is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals in antibacterial, cooling and dynamic drying technologies. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of Resil Chemicals said, "Current annual Indian mill made fabric production for domestic and an export market is nearly 7 billion sq m. This can possibly create the potential for use for antibacterial and antiviral products to the tune of Rs 140 to 150 crore. With N9's strong local service and technical support, we aim to capture a significant market share from this emerging opportunity. N9's manufacturing capability within the country can help scale up the production of the antiviral products quickly and market them globally with this association."

Based in Midland, Michigan, USA, Consolidated Pathways is a brand and technical representative for Sanitized® products, and supports the advancement of the trusted Sanitized® Quality Seal and related branding concepts to the global textile industry. Consolidated Pathways is partnering with N9 World Technologies in support of its antiviral and antimicrobial custom blended products, which, when properly applied can utilize the highly regarded Sanitized® Quality Seal.