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Swedish breakthrough in textile recycling

Oct 10, 2016
Swedish breakthrough in textile recycling

A partnership between Swedish Government-owned Fouriertransform and private sector company Girincubator, is building the world’s first production line for textile pulp from recycled textiles in Sweden. The new patented process named Re:newcell, will drastically reduce the environmental impact from the textile industry by recycling cellulosic-based textiles.

The technology originates from R&D by Mikael Lindström, Gunnar Henriksson and Dr Christofer Lindgren of KTH in Stockholm. The recycling process will also reduce transport distances, allow more land for food production and reduce waste.

The Re:newcell technology represents a potentially important future circular solution to responsibly manage the challenge to meet the growing world demand for cotton textiles, while aiming to create a modern textile industry with resource efficient processes and materials.