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Succession strategy at Crealet

Jun 29, 2017
Succession strategy at Crealet

On 1 May 2017, the Swiss company Crealet’s founder Leo Kuster took the step into partial retirement. But luckily CREALET AG does not have to do without Leo Kuster’s services: he will continue to be the company’s vice president and consultant.

Together with the customers, Leo Kuster developed and designed devices for the controlled warp feeding on weaving machines. In the early days of his professional career, he dealt with mechanical warp beam brake units on weaving machines. At this time the tension of the warp threads was generated with braking. More than 30 years ago, he realised the first warp drive for the feeding of fancy yarns from warp beam in high position. This development resulted in patents on the controlled warp thread feed systems. He also laid a further milestone in the field of tire cord manufacture with warp feeding and cloth take-up. His latest development was a let-off unit that covers a wide range of applications in the most varied areas of narrow and wide weaving.

Leo Kuster passes on his know-how to his successor and son Mario Kuster. Mario Kuster joined CREALET AG in 2007 as a mechanical engineer. During this time, he has developed engineering projects for the automotive industry in the field of plant construction as well as the latest developments in the supply of carbon fibre from creel to the weaving machine.

Andreas Wirz has been working as a technical assistant since 2015. As an electrical engineer he is responsible for further developments in the field of electronic applications. However, he is also introduced into the operational management and is planned for the succession of Walter Wirz.