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Stewards-Basant Wire extend partnership

May 24, 2016
Stewards-Basant Wire extend partnership

Stewarts of America Inc and Basant Wire Industries (Pvt) Ltd of Jaipur are pleased to announce that their longstanding partnership has now resulted in an agreement whereby Stewarts of America Inc has provided all intellectual property, manufacturing know how, and machinery for the production of open end spinning components. This includes special wire winding machines for combing roll production and balancing equipment for rotor production.

Basant Wire’s new facility will include all the latest CNC automatic lathe turning machinery, CNC vertical milling machinery, combing roll and rotor assembly equipment, and quality control systems. All drawings and machining technology associated with combing roll and rotor design and manufacture have been provided by Stewarts of America Inc.

This expansion of OES production and services will provide a new opportunity to supply quality open end spinning components to the valuable Indian market. These components will be manufactured in the new facility in Jaipur. It is envisaged that the workshop/service centre will be fully operational from July 2016. This endeavour will offer affordable prices and a full service after market program for a w ide range of open end spinning equipment. Other primary spinning components will be made available as we move forward with this project.

Basant Wire Industries’ personnel arc now undergoing extensive training in all aspects of OES production at the Stewarts of America facility in the United States.

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