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Serai launches digital solutions for textiles biz

Jun 29, 2021
Serai launches digital solutions for textiles biz

New Delhi

Serai, the HSBC-based platform, has come up with various solutions to help the apparel companies learn about the supply chain, showcase their products, and grow their network. According to Vivek Ramachandran, CEO, Serai, there are many home-grown textiles and apparel companies in India. Now, as there are travel restrictions due to Covid, businesses should find a new approach of working. Serai can help to aid the transition in a digital world for apparel MSMEs. This platform can be used by the companies to showcase their products and also build a good relationship with the suppliers, he said.

Serai has launched many features so that the apparel businesses can be encouraged to work on this platform. Ramachandran also said that the platform has introduced a private sourcing service for buyers with special needs. The experts’ will arrange individual sourcing depending upon the need of the suppliers and manufacturers. This will help small and medium-sized buyers to accelerate their buying cycle.

Serai has launched its traceability solution this year as transparency is the priority in the apparel industry supply chain. This allows businesses to track cotton and raw materials that go inside the products.

Serai has 7000 companies on its platform currently and has a customer base in 100 countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, the USA, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Source – The Economic Times

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