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Rieter Card C 72 in India – Wider Road to Success

Sep 24, 2020
Rieter Card C 72 in India – Wider Road to Success

The Rieter card C 72 meets the need for flexibility and profitability of Indian spinning mills. It can be adapted to almost every requirement of the customer thanks to numerous options. Main benefits are consistently high sliver quality and low energy costs thanks to the combination of the 1.5-metre working width and a precise carding gap.

Rieter has more than 20 years’ experience in the production of wider width cards. The proven 1.5-meter carding technology has shown its performance across the globe for all kinds of applications. There are more than 1,600 Rieter cards running at Indian spinners which satisfy all needs of the Indian market. Rieter’s focus is on understanding the needs of customers across all regions and on finding the best solution for each individual spinning mill.

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The C 72 has been designed using all essential features without compromising on technology. This makes it a perfect fit for emerging markets. Next to standard features of Rieter, e.g. the proven modular design and the automatic sliver insertion, the card C 72 has numerous additional equipment options ensuring that the precise requirements of the customer can be met. It is the perfect card for man-made fibers, cotton or blends.

Features of the C 72 that make the difference:
High production performance and low energy consumption
With 32 active flats and a 1.5-m working width, the C 72 supports a high production performance with top quality in all yarn applications. At the same time, the C 72 has low energy consumption thanks to the combination of the large active carding area, the optimized machine geometry, and a precise carding gap.

High quality card sliver
The optional Integrated Grinding System IGS classic which is exclusive with Rieter, includes a grindstone that automatically moves across the cylinder clothing during the production. This keeps the clothing constantly sharp without any human error and production loss.

Best raw material utilisation
The integrated Q-Package includes low wear mote knives in the pre- and post-carding zone with differing widths of inserts that can be changed in seconds without any tools. With this inserts waste can be adopted easily and the quality requirements for different types of cotton are met.

Attractive price-performance ratio
An attractive price level and the excellent raw material utilization ensure economical manufacturing. With the card C 72, Indian customers can benefit from innovative technology at an attractive price-performance level. The low energy costs, the high production rate and the excellent sliver quality make it the perfect choice.

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Rieter’s proven 1.5-meter carding technology ensures a high production performance.