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Ricoh unveils direct-to-garment printers

May 17, 2017
Ricoh unveils direct-to-garment printers

Ricoh has unveiled RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 direct-to-garment printers, designed to make professional, high-quality apparel printing easier, faster and more flexible. The printers take garment printing to the next level by enabling direct printing on shirts, socks, and canvas grocery bags, and producing metallic foil applications to create eye-catching output.

The printers boast an incredibly short route from design to print, thanks to intuitive software and print speeds as fast as 27 seconds a shirt. These devices print at 600 dpi quality even on traditionally difficult media, such as dark poly 50/50 blend.

Meanwhile, Ricoh’s own industrial-grade printheads empower businesses to reliably produce high-volume orders as well as a custom one-off prints. These features combine to provide an excellent springboard for those looking to launch garment printing as a standalone business or who want to expand their print portfolio.

The RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 printers build upon AnaJet’s (a Ricoh company) history of fast, high-quality garment printing. These efficient, flexible and highly productive printers open new worlds to print shops and their customers.