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Request to ban raw cotton exports by apparel exporters

Aug 04, 2021
Request to ban raw cotton exports by apparel exporters


The Noida Apparel Export Cluster has requested the government to ban the export of yarns and raw cotton so that more raw materials are available for the domestic apparel industry.

If there is more raw material for the domestic industry, more finished products can be exported so that the country can earn more revenue. According to the exporters, this ban on the export of yarn and cotton will ensure that there are more raw materials for the apparel industry which has been suffering for the past 6 months because of the issues related to Covid like lockdowns and induced slowdowns. The industry will get an opportunity to compete in the global export market if this decision is made by the government. According to Lalit Thukral, President, NAEC, the situation of the readymade garment industry has been made worse due to the pandemic. From March till June 2020, the production of the garments was halted for four long months.

It is believed that India is one of the largest exporters of Cotton in the world. It has exported around 21 Lakh bales of cotton to China. Countries like China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Indonesia are the major importers of Indian Cotton. Since the major portion of the cotton being produced in the country is exported, fewer raw materials are left for the apparel industry here. 

Source – Krishi Jagran

Image Source: Wikipedia

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