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Reliance Buys 52% Stake in Ritu Kumar

Oct 25, 2021
Reliance Buys 52% Stake in Ritu Kumar


Reliance and pioneering designer Ritu Kumar announced a collaboration to charter new, untried interpretation of India’s crafts and textiles that take the story of the country’s artisanal culture beyond existing ideas in couture and fashion.


Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL) has acquired 52% stake in Ritika Pvt Ltd that owns- Ritu Kumar, Label Ritu Kumar, RI Ritu Kumar, Aarké, and Ritu Kumar Home and Living, which is India's oldest fashion house.

The Ritu Kumar business includes four fashion brand portfolios which cumulatively retail out of 151 point of sales globally. The classical ‘Ritu Kumar’ brand is rooted in India’s rich legacy of textile aesthetics. Since 1970’s it has been symbolic of how the contemporary Indian woman dresses. It is the legacy brand in India’s fashion story.

Label Ritu Kumar which launched in 2002 is for a younger, global consumer. Its design influences come both from the brand’s heritage, as well as the international fashion landscape.

The third RI Ritu Kumar is a luxury bridal couture and occasion wear line.
Aarké is the newest addition to the brand portfolio. It is an accessible product line blending the aesthetics of
Ritu Kumar in easy dressing.

The partnership aims to highlight India’s re-emerging role in the international couture industry, through parallel tracks of sustenance and innovation. The goal is to reinterpret age-old designs, motifs and patterns that nest under the vast repository of crafts for modern accessories, stylish, textile-rich clothes and distinct couture from India.


Source: The Times Of India

Image Source: Google Images

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